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How To Choose the Top Surgeons in Mexico for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

July 19, 2023 Bariatric Surgery
How To Choose the Top Surgeons in Mexico for Gastric Sleeve

What Makes a Top Surgeon for Gastric Sleeve in Mexico?

When seeking bariatric surgery, you want to ensure the surgeon you choose is highly qualified. All surgeons possess a degree and receive training in their specialty. However, their level of expertise is not always the same. Bariatric surgery is a serious operation and requires a high level of skill. While you research your options, you’ll want your surgeon to have the following:

  • Mexican medical license – A bariatric surgeon must obtain a Mexican Medical License to become legally certified in Mexico. Surgeons can only receive a Mexican Medical License after twelve years of study.
  • Specialist certification – A specialty certification assures that your surgeon is committed to the care and well-being of bariatric patients. While all physicians must undergo the same rigorous course study during university and medical school, those who receive specialty certifications go above and beyond what is necessary to focus on particular fields of medical care. The more credentials your surgeon has, the better. For example, you’ll want to select a surgeon with a CMCG (Mexican Board of General Surgery) certification and a CMCOEM certification (Mexican College of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery).
  • Clinical experience – When you book your consultation, you’ll also want to verify that the surgeon you choose has significant clinical experience and is knowledgeable of the latest surgical techniques. An excellent way to check if they are current on the latest techniques is to see if they have participated in publications for bariatric studies.
  • Transparency and previous work – A competent, professional surgeon will have no issue showing the results of their work or the reviews they have received from other patients they have worked with. If a surgeon refuses to show you any previous work or there are no reviews of their practice online, consider looking elsewhere and choosing a different bariatric center. You also want the surgeon to offer you the operation you actually need. If they try to convince you to select another surgical option that is not in your best interest, go somewhere else. This may mean they aren’t competent enough in their techniques to offer you the right bariatric surgery.
  • Bilingual abilities – If you don’t speak Spanish, you want your surgeon to be fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Communication is vital to correctly understanding the procedure and giving instructions for aftercare and what side effects to be mindful of. An English-speaking surgeon will also better understand and answer your questions thoroughly. Related: FAQs before undergoing Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico.
  • Daily surgery limits – Every competent surgeon should have a daily surgery limit. A daily surgery limit is essential to preserve the surgeon’s stamina, making successful surgical outcomes more likely. When a surgeon does not have a limit on the number of surgeries they perform daily, they may work to the point of exhaustion, leaving them more vulnerable to making mistakes. Ensure your physician has a daily surgical limit that you are comfortable with.
  • Surgical team proficiency – Make sure that everyone on the surgical team is proficient in dealing with bariatric surgery patients. The surgical assistants, nurses, physicians and surgeons should all have plenty of experience in bariatric medicine. Ensuring they have previous experience will increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

What Is the Best Place in Mexico To Have Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

When you choose to have bariatric surgery, you are taking the first step towards healthy weight loss and increasing your quality of life. Therefore, you should have the best team of medical professionals taking care of you throughout the surgical process and during your recovery.

Renew Bariatrics Facilities offer world-class care and some of Mexico’s most talented bariatric surgeons. They provide bariatric surgeries at several facilities throughout Tijuana and Cancun. When you choose to have surgery at Renew Bariatrics Facilities, you are increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome of your surgery. They will help their patients select from a variety of high-quality bariatric surgical options, including gastric sleeve surgery, revisional surgeries, gastric balloon operations and more.

Renew Bariatrics is Mexico’s top choice for those seeking an affordable surgical option and five-star accommodations. In addition, all of their surgeons are bilingual and proficient in their surgical techniques. They will offer you compassionate care during your stay and are dedicated to helping you meet your weight loss goals. If you are ready to start your personal weight loss journey, contact Renew Bariatrics today. Their team of specialists is available to help you determine the proper surgical intervention for you so you can enjoy a better quality of life.            

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