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Gastric Sleeve – Tijuana, Mexico: From $4,399

Initially designed as a procedure to treat the worst cases of morbid obesity as a first step to be followed by a gastric bypass or duodenal switch, the gastric sleeve procedure soon proved to be so highly effective as to stand alone as a treatment for obesity.

Because the surgery doesn’t require changing the connections of the intestines, the gastric sleeve is a safer alternative. The surgery time is less as well. Another advantage to this procedure over other options is the prevention of vitamin or mineral deficiency that can accompany altering the path of intestines. Additionally, should the patient require further weight loss down the road, the gastric bypass or duodenal switch remain options a patient can to convert too. 

The gastric sleeve surgery requires small, laparoscopic incisions on the abdomen. Through these incisions, the size of the stomach will be reduced by stapling that removes 80-85% of available space. The usable space left will be connected to the entrance and exit of the stomach already. This 30-45 minute procedure will reduce the patient’s capacity for food and lessen hunger sensations.

During each surgery, the stomach size created will depend on the individual patient. The staples used are small, medical grade titanium; they’re approved for imaging and airport scanning. Our surgeons “buttress” the line of staples, providing further protection from leakage or other complications.

What Can You Expect from the Gastric Sleeve Procedure?

Since many patients are spurred to action by medical problems caused by excessive weight, it’s helpful to consider the effects of the procedure on these conditions for patients.

  • Diabetes – 45-58% experienced total remission
  • High Blood Pressure – 77% returned to normal blood pressures
  • High Cholesterol – 77% experienced a return to healthy levels
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea – nearly 60% achieved complete resolution

Why Would the Procedure Fail to Achieve My Goals?

When a patient doesn’t experience the level of weight loss that they anticipated, the reasons can generally be traced to a few obvious factors:

  • Failing to eat according to the nutritionist’s guidance
  • Failing to exercise regularly
  • Continuing in emotional overeating
  • Remaining in the grazing eating habit
  • Medications
  • Lessened mobility, menopause, or thyroid problems

Key Advantages to the Gastric Sleeve Procedure

In addition to the resolution of many medical conditions, choosing the gastric sleeve procedure is an excellent choice because:

  • The procedure doesn’t involve putting a foreign object into the body that might shift or migrate.
  • Adjustments aren’t necessary.
  • Follow-up care is mitigated.
  • Experience a sense of fullness rather than obstruction.
  • Available for those with medical problems like anemia or Chron’s disease who aren’t able to have a gastric bypass.
  • Incredible improvement to quality of life. Personal, professional, and interpersonal relationships aren’t hampered by judgment or a lack of confidence or limited physical ability.
  • Weight loss is incremental and healthy, and both elements proved to encourage sustained weight loss.
  • Low risk, over 90% of patients have no complications. Most weight loss procedures have a flat rate of morbidity, but gastric sleeve procedures are even safer than the others.

More Resources: 

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Is gastric sleeve surgery right for you?
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  • Less Invasive Surgery. 
  • No fills, or surgical updates.
  • Patients can lose up to 60% of their excess weight.
  • More tolerance post-op compared to other bariatric surgeries. 

Cost for Gastric Sleeve

  • Starting at $4,399 USD
  • All-Inclusive packages


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