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Dr. Jorge GreenThe first step to the new you begins with an introduction to the doctor who can facilitate your change!

Dr. Jorge Green has many years of experience providing patients with life-changing bariatric surgery. He has the training, proven skills, and friendly manner that you desire in the person providing you with surgical intervention.

Dr. Jorge Green has worked in bariatrics for years. He specializes in the gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and revision operations. Patients can be comfortable and confident in the outcome when they place themselves under the care of Dr. Jorge Green. His commitment and ability are well-known and respected among patients worldwide

When you book Dr. Jorge Green for your bariatric procedure, certain expectations accompany this plan. You can expect to experience a clean, high quality facility and courteous interactions with staff. We provide accommodations for you and a companion, so you’ll not have to worry about being vulnerable and alone. Dr. Green works a premier hospital in Tijuana, Mexico providing the best care for all patients:

Benefits of Scheduling Surgery with Dr. Jorge Green

  • Best Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico
    Featured on Best Bariatric Surgeons – Mexico
    Dedicated staff who are fluent in English
  • On-site laboratory facilities for imagine and blood work
  • Private patient rooms complete with a bed for a family member or companion
  • Private bathroom
  • Dedicated staff with years of bariatric experience
  • Safe location near to the San Diego Airport

Our facility includes amenities and modern technologies to provide a dually luxurious and medically safe experience. All of our staff speaks English fluently, so communication won’t be an impediment to quality care. We also perform all testing within the facility and have critical care spaces available. You’ll enjoy a private room complete with Netflix and a private bathroom while your companion will enjoy access to a chapel and dining area. If you’re concerned about safety during your stay, rest assured that we provide security and transportation for the duration of the experience.

Dr. Jorge Green Professional History

  • Medical School in UABC – Tijuana
  • Medical Internship at Hospital Gral del Edo de Sonora – Mexico
  • Professional Social Service in IMSS-UMF 14, Valle de Guadalupe, Ens, B.C.
  • General Surgery Residence in Tijuana General Hospital

A stay with us is the beginning to your weight-loss journey. We’ll provide the appropriate bariatric procedure, and Dr. Jorge Green commits himself to a safe and effective operation. After the procedure, if you follow the after-care and post-surgery dietary demands, you’ll be sure of an impressive weight-loss that helps set you on the road to a recovery of health.

To begin the process, you simply need to verify that you’re an appropriate candidate for the surgery. You can complete a form online or consult with us via telephone. Once you decide that it’s a go and we determine that you’re a candidate, we’ll set it all in motion.

On the day of your procedure, you are the star of the show. Before the surgery, your diet will already be strict, and after it’s done, you’ll need to follow a rigid return to food, and even then, the diet must be closely attuned to the recommendations made by the dietician on your case.

Dr. Jorge Green Surgeries Performed

  • Gastric sleeve (VSG)
  • Gastric Bypass (rny gastric bypass)
  • Revisional Surgeries (Lap-Band to Gastric Sleeve, Gastric sleeve to Gastric Bypass)

We encourage you to sign up to put yourself under the care of Dr. Jorge Green. He is proven to be highly skilled and committed to helping patients regain their ability to move and smile while enjoying a healthier weight and outlook on life.


Quick Facts:

Languages Spoken: Spanish (100%), English (100%)

Professional License: 5286997

Surgeon License: 7953114

Board-Certification Surgeon: C12050512

Surgeries Performed:

  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Revisional Bariatric Surgeries

Courses Taken:

  • American College of Surgeons: Advanced Trauma Life Support
  • American Heart Association: Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
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