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A alternative to a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, the gastric balloon procedure allows patients to lose a significant amount of weight. The balloon fills up the stomach halfway, so the patient has less room for food volume at one time. If you choose to have the gastric balloon procedure in Mexico, the size of the balloon will depend on the body size, gender, and height of the patient, teaching them to control portions of food while losing impressive amounts of extra weight.

About the Gastric Balloon Procedure

The gastric balloon procedure that you’ll have in Mexico involves a surgeon placing a silicon balloon filled with saline inside of the stomach of a patient. This placement will allow the patient to experience a sense of fullness without consuming large amounts of food. The non-surgical approach to significant weight loss is quite appealing to patients who greatly desire to lose weight and gain a healthy, active lifestyle without undergoing invasive procedures like the gastric bypass or gastric sleeve.

Weight loss with the gastric balloon is usually up to 1/3 greater than it would have been with diet and exercise alone!

What Should I Expect When I Have the Gastric Balloon Placed?

Prior to the gastric balloon procedure, you should expect to undergo an endoscopy to verify your value as a candidate for the procedure.

The entire procedure will take less than half an hour and occur under mild sedation.

The first step of the procedure is the application of a numbing spray on the throat to maintain comfort throughout the procedure. With a small endoscopic lens, the surgeon will then guide the balloon through the esophagus and to the stomach. With a small catheter, the balloon will then be filled about halfway with saline solution.

Once the balloon is filled to the right level, the surgeon will remove the catheter, and the balloon will seal due to its design. At this point, the balloon will reside within the stomach, filling it halfway and providing an abiding sense of fullness.

Following the procedure, you’ll recover in a special room designed for comfort and monitoring. We’ll monitor you for at least two hours to ensure that you’re ready for release before you’re allowed to return home.

Post-Op Expectations

  • Have a caretaker lined up for the return drive.
  • Arrange for assistance at home for the initial 24 hours upon your return
  • Expect some throat soreness in the initial days
  • Return to work is common after 3 days in most cases.
  • Follow the 2-week nutritional plan closely as you become accustomed to a new life of healthy nutrition.
    • Day 1: clear liquids only
    • Days 2-6: liquid diet with juices and broths
    • Days 7-14: pureed food only
  • Follow the diet plan provided as you enjoy the benefits of your gastric balloon. With healthy eating and exercise, you’ll have impressive amounts of weight loss throughout the initial six months.
  • Upon a successful experience with the gastric balloon, it will be deflated and exerted, allowing you to maintain your new lifestyle of nutrition and movement.

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