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Dr Rene Armenta

Dr. Rene Armenta has a passion for helping patients overcome the difficulties of obesity and providing life-changing results. Experienced and well-trained, here  has the expertise you want in the head of the team providing your bariatric procedure.

For years, Dr. Rene Armenta Valenzuela has been with us, providing leadership and bariatric procedures. The specialties he provides include: the mini gastric bypass, the gastric bypass, the gastric sleeve, and revision procedures. Patients all over the globe have Dr. Rene Armenta to thank for their return to health and quality living.

When you arrive for a procedure at our facility, you’ll find clean and modern amenities for yourself and a companion. All staff members are there to help provide comfort and clarification for your surgical experience.

High expectations guide our service, and we aim for our patients’ high expectations to be met.

  • English fluency
  • Testing performed on-site
  • ICU facilities on-site
  • Private patient rooms with Netflix provided and private bathrooms
  • Chapel and dining area on-site
  • Safe areas and transportation provided

Dr. Armenta Professional Medical Affiliations:

  • International Congress of Metabolic Diseases and Obese Surgery
  • Mexican College for the Obese and Metabolic Diseases

Dr. Armenta Professional History:

  • General Surgery Residency (2010-2014), Hospital General Regional #1, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora.
  • Social Service (2008-2019), Ejido Sanson Flores, Mexicali Baja California
  • Internship (2007), Hospital General Estado de Sonora
  • Medicine School, Centro Estudios Universitario Xochicalco
  • Experience (2015- 2017), IMSS Regional Hospital #20, Tijuana, Baja California
  • Rosarito General Hospital, General Surgeon
  • Mexican Red Cross Tijuana (2014 – Current), Cheif Surgeon
  • IMSS Regional Hospital, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, General Surgeon

Quality Weight-Loss Surgery Hospital Facility

We invite overweight patients to give us the opportunity to change lives. Our quality approach to tech, patient safety, and customization make for a great experience and optimal outcomes. With the guidance and expertise of Dr. Rene Armenta, you will have a safe, quality procedure with the best chance for successful, life-changing results.

Starting the process of bariatric weight loss is simple. Fill out a form or give us a call. We can quickly explain what you should expect and whether you’re a likely candidate. We’ll make the bookings, and you pick your support companion for a quick beginning to your brand new life!

The procedure, regardless of the one you choose, will include a few set elements. An eating plan will precede your surgery, setting the stage for success. After the procedure, you’ll gradually return to eating, but your new life will include a new attitude toward nutrition. We offer nutrition training before sending you on your way to promote success. Make sure that you understand the new nutrition plan because failure to conform to the new standards will result in failure to lose the optimal amount of weight and could require further surgery to fix your procedure.

Allow Dr. Rene Armenta to help you regain your life. He has the training, experience, and passion require to have great success with many patients. You can reset your life by shedding the extra pounds and uncovering the lively, thriving self you’ve been missing because it was hidden under the mask of weight.

Quick Facts:

Languages Spoken: Spanish (100%), English (100%)

Professional License: 6310637

Surgeon License: 9466177

Board-Certification Surgeon: A1500218

Surgeries Performed:

  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Revisional Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Re-Sleeve)
  • Revisional Bariatric Surgeries

Education Taken:

  • Centro Estudios Universitario Xochicalco 
  • IMMS Regional Hospital #20 Tijuana, Baja California

More Information on Dr. Rene Armenta

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