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Revisional Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Has your weight loss journey following bariatric surgery failed to launch? If you have a failed device, unpleasant side effects, or unexplained weight gain, consider revisional bariatric surgery. The procedure will either resolve problems with your existing bariatric procedure or switch to another. Either way, you’ll have a reset on your way to freedom from unwanted weight.

Begin with a Look Back

To fix failed bariatric surgery, the first step will be to look backward. The specific problem will need to be established and examined. The patient might also require a reminder of the nutritional components of the procedure as well as a bit of healthy encouragement to do what’s needed to see positive results. At this point, the surgeon will determine how best to proceed for the individual patient.

Fixing What Has Failed

When bariatric surgery fails, genuine health concerns come into play. At this point, we can provide revisions to fix what’s wrong with the procedure. One simple tweak can restore the hope of dramatic weight loss, and for the patient, the promise of life regained.

How do I know if my bariatric procedure has failed?

Knowing whether you fall into the category of patients who require bariatric revision surgery comes down to a few guideposts. They include:

  • Food intolerance relative to solid/prescribed foods
  • Regain of weight following weight loss
  • Weight loss that’s less than half of what was projected
  • Lesser quality of life
  • New health problems due to the procedure

Why did my bariatric surgery fail?

  • Some surgeries have a technical failure that occurs because of mistakes with the original operation. Fortunately, this occurrence is not universal.
  • Other failures occur because of mechanical failure where the body itself or food disrupts the mechanism that has been created.
  • Lastly, failures can be adaptive failures. In these cases, the body itself adapts to the procedure, circumventing the hoped-for results.

Popular Revisional Surgery Options in Mexico

  • Gastric Banding to Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Lap-Band to Gastric Sleeve Surgery)
  • Gastric Sleeve to Mini-Gastric Bypass or RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Re-Sleeve – Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • Revisional Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • With proper adherence to guidelines, the revision provided to your bariatric procedure will reset your pathway on the journey to life-changing weight loss!

If you haven’t achieved the results for which you’d hoped when you had your bariatric procedure or if you’ve regained weight or developed new health problems caused by the procedure, contact us for a consultation. We can help get your health and weight loss back on track.

Key to a successful bariatric revision procedure is rightly diagnosing the patient. Determining the specific cause of the problem and choosing the right surgical solution is of the utmost importance. Make sure that you choose experienced, skilled professionals in this situation.

To determine the right course of action, we require several physical examinations, including an endoscopy and barium swallow. You’ll also have a consultation with the surgeon, a nutritionist, and various other professionals on our team. Once we know the physical root of the problem, the following steps will follow a well-researched and proven choice to convert from one procedure to another. The vast majority of revision procedures require one surgery rather than many.

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  • Can improve weight loss, after a failed weight-loss surgery.
  • Mexico has some best-trained bariatric surgeons due to the volume of patients and difficult cases. 


  • After a previous bariatric surgery, Revisional surgery is more complicated and thus, riskier.
  • Consult our staff today to learn more about undergoing weight-loss surgery. 
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