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Mexico Weight Loss Surgery Costs

Being overweight and hopeless is quite costly in emotional currency. It’s also expensive monetarily when you consider all of the money spent on trying to lose weight. Diet programs, shakes, books, and other weight-loss fads make up a considerable portion of the economy, and often, they do not produce results.

The uninsured, underinsured, and working classes often find themselves without the needed funds to afford the out of pocket costs related to bariatric surgery.

Choosing to have weight loss surgery in Mexico will save you money and make life-changing surgery affordable for all. With quality facilities and professional, experienced surgeons, the care and expertise involved with the gastric procedures are on par with that offered in other locations.

The Surge of Weight Loss Tourism

From prescriptions to bariatric surgery, medical tourism is surging due to high costs for treatments within the United States. Doctors, surgeons, and hospitals in Mexico have the same high standards with lower, affordable prices.

With this surge, however, come risks. Bad actors seeking to cash in can be a danger, so do the proper research before you choose a source for your bariatric procedure in Mexico. While the proximity to the US and the low costs offered are tempting, choose facilities and professionals who have proven to be safe and effective at giving patients a return to health and living with healthier bodies following surgical weight loss.

Bariatric Procedure Provide a Solution to Obesity-Related Health Problems

Illnesses and lifestyle limitations relative to excess weight can inspire people to spend vast sums of money on solutions. Finding the magic pill for weight loss, however, is a fruitless endeavor. An effective surgical weight loss solution comes with the weight loss of tourism to Mexico.

Standard weight loss procedures include a gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. These strategies often result in resolution of health conditions caused by excessive weight. These problems might include:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Back and knee problems
  • Heart disease
  • Type II diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression

Benefits of Choosing Low-Cost Weight Loss Tourism

  • Affordable pricing
  • High-quality care
  • Experienced professionals
  • History of positive results
  • Aftercare and long-term support

When the situation requires that you travel outside of your native country for weight-loss solutions, sacrificing the quality and safety of the procedure doesn’t need to be part of the bargain. Consider us for bariatric surgery when you lack insurance or the funds for out of pocket expenses that exceed our low costs.

Located in Tijuana, Mexico, our facilities offer remarkable service for reasonable priced, high quality, and safe bariatric surgery. When you choose to travel to Tijuana for weight-loss surgery, you’ll have a safe experience within our clean, modern facilities under the care of well-trained and experienced surgeons.

How can the prices be so much lower in Mexico?

  • Lower salaries of staff and doctors due to lower living costs
  • Value of dollar against the peso
  • The high volume of supply results in lower costs
  • Fewer malpractice lawsuits result in lower insurance costs
  • Cheaper administrative costs
  • Top competition among medical tourism in Mexico

Packages That Include Everything for One Price

Rather than being nickeled and dimed out of hundreds of dollars, choose an all-inclusive package as you plan to travel to Mexico for bariatric surgery. You’ll save money in the end when you combine the costs of the flight, lab work, hotel stays, surgery costs, medications, follow-up care, and every other incidental.

You Will Receive:

  • Pre-Operative Exams and Screenings
  • Flight, Hotel, and Hospital Transport and Accommodations
  • Cost for the hospital facility
  • Price for surgeon
  • Cost for anesthesia
  • Medications against infection and pain
  • Nutrition program
  • Cost for hotel
  • Coverage for all expenses related to your companion
  • Wi-Fi access at all locations
  • The US calling for free
  • Tijuana tour as a complementary add-on

If the hindrances of excess weight continue to take away the joy and possibilities from your life but you lack the discretionary income or insurance coverage to have bariatric surgery within the US, look to weight loss tourism as a reasonable, safe, and affordable solution. To maximize your weight loss, we’ll perform testing and screening to make sure that you have the best procedure to promote a successful outcome. Start with the first step, which is calling for a free consultation with a professional guide to begin your walk into weight loss and regained health.

Costs Start at $4,399 USD – Apply Now!
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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • Starting at $4,399 USD

Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • Starting at $5,799 USD

Gastric Balloon Surgery

  • Starting at $3,699 USD

All packages include medical travel coverage, high quality hospital facility, and a top hotel. Contact us today to learn more. 


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