Bariatric Surgery: Gastric Sleeve Surgery

We’re all about our patients at Mexico Weight Loss Surgery – Renew Bariatrics and we absolutely love to celebrate their weight loss success. We invite you to take a few moments to read about some of our patients and how weight loss has changed their lives.

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Patient Success StoryThe team at Renew Bariatrics aims to help patients of all stripes overcome the scourge of obesity and begin a healthy life. The following testimony is an example of one patient’s experience.

This patient has successfully lost 70 pounds and has begun a brand new life that includes shopping, exercise, and actively participating in family life.

The choice to have weight-loss surgery in Mexico made it possible to participate in my own story in a way that I didn’t think was possible.

Bariatric Surgery: Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Surgeon: Dr. Hector Perez

Starting Weight: 226

End Weight: 161

With gratitude and happiness, I write to you to express my happiness and brag about my progress! I’m doing well. The straightforward diet that was explained and provided didn’t prove to be difficult to follow. I haven’t had any issues with vomiting and have learned that to remain comfortable, I must stop eating when I feel full, so I do.

I’m also taking the recommended vitamins and have lost a significant amount of weight in the last half of a year since my surgery. I’ve recognized recently that unless I keep making the right dietary decisions, I will regain weight. Since the last thing I want is to surrender my new life to food and the nutrition path has become second nature, this shouldn’t be a problem.

My family life has become centered around activity. My kids are moving more; I’m moving more; and we’re all happier! I’ve also added weight training to my cardio exercise training, so I’m feeling better than I have in years.

The decision to come to you in Mexico and have the procedure was one of the best I’ve ever made. Facing the new life that I have, I know that I can’t regret it a bit.

In addition to being able to actively play with my children, I’ve had to buy new clothes. Best of all, I don’t hate myself while I’m shopping; I’ve learned to love trying on new clothes and am learning what style I like as the new me!

I can’t express how grateful I am to you and your team. I was treated so well throughout the experience and continue to be amazed by my new body and new lease on life!

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