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Surgical Weight Loss Options in Mexico

The Most popular Mexico Weight Loss Surgery types are Gastric Sleeve Surgery (VSG), RNY Gastric Bypass, Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery (Omega Loop), Gastric Balloon) 

How to Begin Your Journey to Health

The First Step: Send us an email or make the phone call. One of our patient coordinators will reach out, offering guidance through the rest of the requirements.

The Second Step: Complete the forms detailing your medical history sent by the patient coordinator. The responses to these forms will help make sure that the surgery is a good option for you!

The Third Step: Await approval through our review team. Within 24-hours you’ll receive a response about your suitability for surgical weight loss procedures after a review of your medical history.

The Fourth Step: Upon approval, schedule the procedure. At this point, you’ll need to provide a deposit to secure your appointment availability.

The Fifth Step: We’ll provide coordination via an admissions coordinator for the needed flights to San Diego International Airport.

The Sixth Step: Begin following the eating plan that we provide. This step is critical for successful outcomes related to your procedure!

Once your procedure is scheduled, your flights booked, and your diet has begun, you’ll need to arrive at the set. Rather than stewing in anxiety, consider what you should expect throughout the experience.

When you choose us for your procedures, you can rely on us to provide the needed weight loss procedure in an anxiety-reducing, professional atmosphere.

This trip to engage in life-saving and life-changing surgery will require mere days where you’ll encounter friendly, professional, and capable efforts and care within the sphere of high quality, luxurious environment where you come first.


We’ll provide transportation from the moment that your flight lands.


We make it easy and stress-free to check in for your procedure, and you’re welcome to bring along a companion.


All sedation will be implemented and monitored by a capable and professional anesthesiologist.


Well-trained, experienced, and trustworthy doctors will provide the procedure required safely and with all appropriate standards. Laparoscopic procedures are designed for a more comfortable experience with faster healing.

Recovery and Recuperation

Before your return home, you can expect to recuperate at our facility before discharge. Our doctors will check in with you, making sure that it’s safe and that you’re ready to return home.

Our staff, facilities, and partners are dedicated to promoting a healthy procedure and new beginning complete with hope for a thinner, healthier future!

Post-Procedure Expectations

Rely on our team for support. Even after you’ve arrived back at your home, we want you to have a highly productive experience. For the best recuperation possible and permanent weight loss, take advantage of the resources which we offer to our patients.

  • Physical follow-up with your surgeon
  • Regular contact with a professional nutritionist for personalized service and accountability
  • Always available support via telephone, video calls, or email communication

If you’re lost in the hopelessness of obesity, reach out via phone or email. We can help you begin the road to health, confidence, and HOPE through surgical weight-loss procedures. You will be our focus throughout the experience. You’ll know what to expect, and we’ll make sure that you’re safe, comfortable, and prepared for success!

Apply For Surgery