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Why Weight Loss Surgery is Cheaper in Mexico

November 09, 2019 Bariatric Surgery
Why is Bariatric Surgery in Mexico Inexpensive Compared to U.S.

Having gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is known to be far cheaper than having the same procedure in the United States. This difference can be confusing since the procedure is identical, and the facilities, materials, and staff are comparable. Join us for a deep dive into the reasons such cost savings are possible with a simple, quick trip to Mexico for a gastric sleeve procedure.

Cost of Living Adjustments

Mexico’s cost of living is fractions the cost it would be to live in the United States or Canada. The cost of living provides the largest reason why bariatric surgery in Mexico is so affordable. For an example, the US rent prices are 250% more expensive than Mexico.

Because costs are less expensive for all categories related to medical procedures including medical equipment, medical staff, and hospital expenses, surgery prices will be less expensive.

Bariatric Hospitals

Medical tourism for bariatric surgery encourages medical providers to use highly optimized bariatric hospitals in Mexico. These high-volume centers provide, safe and reliable operations, as well as a way to reduce expenses and pass the savings to you.

Why working in high-volume centers that specialize or are dedicated to weight-loss surgery, they can higher the nurses and staff with the greatest experience, as well as reduce costs on medical supplies by buying in bulk. This means that everything from surgical staples to anesthesiology is at a reduced price.

The Surgeons

The doctors responsible for performing the gastric sleeve procedure are the next difference between the United States and Mexico. While all physicians are aiming to earn a living to support themselves and their families, the extent of overcharging and over-billing in the United States is real. The issue of medical malpractice insurance is another problem.

Society within the US has become so litigious that insurance is incredibly costly. The cost of protecting themselves from being sued requires doctors within the United States to raise prices significantly. Doctors in Mexico have more freedom to perform medicine without the threat of lawsuits hanging overhead.

The bariatric surgeon in Mexico will perform the needed imaging examinations to ensure good health and the appropriate procedures, unlike in the US where tests and screens are exhaustive and often unnecessary.

Facilities and surgeons are also less wasteful that those in the US. While keeping strict standards of sanitation to prevent infection, less waste occurs.

Materials regularly re-used include:

  • Surgical clothes
  • Bedsheets
  • Pillows
  • Non-disposable attachments

*Please note these are cleaned and sterilized for the next patients and guests.

None of these items would place patients in harm’s way. While in Mexico it’s considered best to re-use them, in the United States, everything is considered disposable. Consistently replacing everything makes costs higher in the US.

Drug Costs

The drugs used relative to gastric sleeve procedures are fairly similar regardless of the country wherein the procedure occurs. However, drugs in Mexico are somewhat less expensive and less extensively used. The drugs and materials used are the same as those used within the United States.

The gastric sleeve procedure that you receive in the US versus one received in Mexico is the same surgery. The difference in cost rests with the absence of ridiculously priced insurance, across the board high salaries for hospital staff, and high overhead costs for medical facilities. The smaller facilities, lowered cost of living, and less expensive insurance due to fewer malpractice lawsuits all result in a situation where procedures can cost less.

If you’re considering traveling to Mexico for an affordable gastric sleeve surgery, remember that an absurdly low price should be a red flag. Make sure that the facility and doctor chosen is one that’s experienced, credentialed, and respected.

Contact our helpful team today to discuss your price quote for bariatric surgery. Mexico Weight Loss Surgery provides hassle-free, all-inclusive pricing. Contact us today to learn more.

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