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Mexico Weight Loss Surgery

In most cases, traveling to Mexico for bariatric surgery is an affordable and safe option for those who require rescue from the burden of obesity. However, planning well and knowing what to expect are appropriate ways to avoid problems.

For those who don’t have health insurance coverage or who want an expedited surgery, the trip to Mexico for the procedure is a clear choice. You can have the entire experience planned within weeks, but you should prepare mentally, knowing what to expect before, during, and after the procedure.

While a thorough understanding of the process is advisable, consider these fast tips as a preview:

  • Avoid booking via Facebook or Discussion Forums or contacts made through sites like these.
  • Avoid absurdly low cost outfits; they indicate cost cutting and should throw red flags.
  • Look into insurance for medical travel and consider companies with this type of coverage.
  • Research the surgeon!
  • Get information from many different sources.
  • Validate credentials
  • Check into the hospital and staff.
  • Do not send money to a person in Mexico directly; payment should be through a third party provider.
  • Bring a companion for support and protection and have a realistic view of results.

An Honest Look at Weight-Loss Surgery in Mexico

While having a weight loss procedure close to home would be ideal, those people who lack insurance coverage or whose insurance doesn’t cover the procedure might have to pay out of pocket for the surgery. This cost can be prohibitively high. In these cases, traveling can make the life-changing weight-loss procedure possible.

With the advent of the online, global world, patients can find solutions easily. Research is easy, but be aware of facilitates or doctors who don’t meet critical standards of care.

Because traveling so far for a medical procedure is a huge decision, and it can include significant risk, make sure that you do real research and choose a company and doctor with quality credentials and reputation.

The average cost of weight-loss surgery in Mexico is less than $7,500. Finding the right doctor and hospital should include a consideration of the facility, surgeon, and process involved – not just the price.

The right doctor for your procedure is an individual choice. You need to look into the available doctors who have a high level of experience, the right qualifications and credentials, and a facility with the best, modern features. This list will provide you with a source from which you can then determine the comfort level that you have with each.

Need to Know Information

In anticipation of embarking on a trip for bariatric surgery in Mexico, you’ll likely have many fears and questions. To find clarify and comfort, seek out former patients. Online, you can find many active social groups where you can ask questions and find folks with similar experience.

You should also remember that a cheap price is an indication of poor performance. Costs will be cut in materials, pay to staff, or accommodations. These lowered prices will result in a lowered experience and could result in complications, injury, or death. Don’t play around with price when your life is on the table. Choose the source of our bariatric procedure based on the skill and reputation of the surgeon and facility.

Travel to Mexico is not inherently dangerous. Follow the guidance of staff, avoid areas designated as unsafe, and travel with the same degree of cautiousness that you would any other foreign place.

Safety is a common concern with tourism to Mexico for bariatric surgery. However, the trend continues to rise, and patients can safely have this life-saving procedure by choosing the best doctor and facility.

Reasons patients choose Mexican bariatric procedures:

  • Affordable costs for those whose insurance rejects coverage
  • Sightseeing and shopping before the procedure
  • Discretion and privacy are well-protected.
  • Luxury accommodations inspire many to recover during an extended vacation.

Why bariatric surgery is cheaper in Mexico:

  • Reflective of healthcare in the country being cheaper and less regulated
  • Lower wages
  • Lower equipment costs

Average Costs of Procedures:

  • Gastric Balloon: $3,000-9,000
  • Gastric Bypass: $6,500-11,000
  • Mini Gastric Bypass: $6,500-11,000
  • Duodenal Switch: $6,500-11,000
  • Gastric Sleeve: $3,400-9,000

Included in these costs are generally the cost of the flights to and from Mexico, transportation while in the country, and included accommodations for yourself and your companion. You’ll have pre-operative examinations, the procedure, the recovery time, and all personnel and relevant medications as well.


The service provided by is owned and operated through Renew Bariatrics, a leading Weight Loss Surgery Center in Mexico. Since 2017, Renew Bariatrics has provided patients the best-in-class patient care and service for those seeking affordable weight loss surgery. 

Renew Bariatrics, provides high-quality care at affordable prices for all major bariatric surgery types, including, gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery, bariatric revisional surgery, and more.

To learn more about your possible choice for medical weight loss, filling out our application for surgery is the next step in our process. It will help our team learn about your individual health standing and make recommendations for your weight loss journey. 


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