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My Weight Loss Journey Began with One Step and Continues… 60 Pounds Lighter

Stories like the one that follows is a common result of our bariatric services. We happily receive testimonials from many of our patients who lose great amounts of weight in mere months following their procedures. This example is jus tone of many for those who wonder what kind of results to expect. The 

Primarily, I’m happy to report that I had no issues during my stay in Tijuana. The driver, staff, nutritionist, doctors, and nurses had my comfort in mind and was obliging to any question or need that I had!

I’m so very happy that I chose to come to Tijuana and have the procedure done. I couldn’t have afforded it otherwise, and my life story was going downhill fast. From health complications to simply being stuck on the couch feeling sorry for myself, without this weight loss, I wouldn’t be living my best life as I am now! I’m so grateful for the second chance to write my own story vivaciously!

While I’m generally a private person, this experience has had such a significant impact on my life that I have to share my story so that others can benefit from the procedure a well!

When I returned home, I was afraid that I might have problems, but they didn’t occur. I was able to naturally apply the dietary rules that I learned, and the weight has melted away. Since I can move more comfortably, I’ve grown to love exercise and simply LIVING! My health problems have improved as well. I no longer have to take daily medications for Type II diabetes. I’m also able to sleep soundly without wearing a CPAP for sleep apnea.

For those of you who fear the unknown and what could happen, consider what will happen if you don’t. Nothing! You’ll remain as you are. I can’t say how grateful I am for my new life with my new body! I look forward to each day and the chance to live without the anchor of extra weight and food addiction dragging down my happiness.

Thank you to all of the staff from the drivers to the surgeons and nurses! My thankfulness knows no bounds!

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