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Traveling to Tijuana, Mexico for Weight Loss Surgery

December 24, 2019 Bariatric Surgery
Traveling to Tijuana for Bariatric Surgery

In view of the rise in health-related tourism, particularly to Mexico, Tijuana has emerged as one of the primary destinations for bariatric procedures. The relative nearness to the United States’ border makes it a premier spot, and a variety of high quality surgeons and facilities have hung out their shingles for business. Patients from all over the world come for a quick, safe, and affordable solution to the life-limiting problem of obesity. However, traveling for surgery is such a significant decision that it’s important to understand what to expect and how to best proceed on the journey.

The trip will begin with a greeting from a professional driver as you de-board the plane at San Diego. You’ll ride across the border to the facility, where our friendly and professional staff will be waiting to provide comfort and clarification as your journey to your new life begins.

  • Passport – Carrying a passport as you cross the border is strongly encouraged. Contact your coordinator to discuss your options. 
  • San Diego Airport – smaller airport found northwest of downtown. San Diego is just 20 minutes to the Mexican boarder. 
  • The Drive – You’ll ride across the San Ysidro port of entry in the fast pass lane for quick entrance and exit upon completion of your travel.
  • For late night arrival, the Hampton Inn in San Diego is a convenient spot to catch an early morning ride into Tijuana.
  • The Sheraton Hotel and Marina is another option – four stars, blocks from the airport, and incredible views
  • Booking is easy. Our helpful staff is here to assist, and a patient advocate will be available throughout the journey to allay your fears and expedite your stay and recovery. We’re familiar with the process and are happy to help.

What to Expect with a Package Booking for a Bariatric Procedure

  • Accommodations to include a family member or friend, complete with complimentary breakfast
  • Provided shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and hospital and back
  • Helpful clarification and assistance in all situations
  • Full-service approach to satisfying patient experience
  • Broth and Jell-O on the house throughout your stay
  • A guided tour and shopping experience during your stay
  • An on-call doctor at all times
  • A phone call placed on your behalf to loved ones back home
  • On-site medical staff to consistently monitor your status and recovery
  • An experience you’ll remember as luxury travel as well as your first step on the journey to health

Tips for a Stress-Free, Fun Tijuana Experience

  • Carry Mexican pesos during your stay, but make sure that you convert your currency for a fair rate of exchange. Some local outfits will attempt to exchange for poor rates.
  • Check the foreign transaction fee for your credit card as you prepare to make purchases in Tijuana, Mexico. Bring a credit card without a foreign transaction fee for smaller purchases on your journey.
  • Tourism reports provided by the government provide helpful information about local scams and other crime-related trends.
  • The US State Department is an excellent source of info about travel plans to Mexico.

Why We are Different

We have a closed network of trusted drivers and staff for your stay in Mexico. During your duration in Mexico you’ll wont have to worry about traveling by yourself and without our helpful staff.

Traveling to Tijuana for bariatric surgery is an affordable option for those who find the rates in the United States and other countries to be financially prohibitive. Take this grand step with a clear understanding of what to expect and how best to proceed.

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